The Origin Of Soy Sauce 醬油的由來

    Chinese cuisine is the most elegant, fragrant and flavorful, so there are many kinds of seasonings used in cooking. Among them, "soy sauce" has been one of the indispensable seasonings in Chinese food and drink, it can affect a dish at the same time. The color, fragrance, taste, and a variety of cooking methods, so ranked in the country's seven things to open the door "chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea." At present, Chinese food is highly appreciated by people all over the world, and soy sauce has become a worldwide condiment. The manufacture of soy sauce was an art and secret of familywork in the early days. Its brewing was dominated by a certain master. Its technique was often passed down from generation to generation or taught by a group of masters to form a brewing method of a certain way.
    中國菜最講究色、香、味,所以烹調時所使用之調味料種類繁多,其中『醬 油』自古至今一直是中國人飲食生活中不可或缺的調味聖品之一,它可同時影響 一道菜之色、香、味,並適用於多種烹調方法,因此排名於國人開門七件事『柴、 米、油、鹽、醬、醋、茶』中。目前中國菜備受世界人士之讚賞,醬油成為世界性之調味品。醬油之製造,早期是一種家事藝術與秘密,其釀造多由某個師傅把持,其技術往往是由子孫代代相傳或由一派的師傅傳授下去,形成某一方式之釀造法。