About Us 關於永源

    Yong Guan Sauce Manufacturer (M) Sdn Bhd, sauces are manufactured based on local tastes and living habits. Our mission is to operate with “heart”. The concept of management is “sincerity”, “love” and “responsibility”, provides best quality products with assurance of "sincere" expression to consumers and businesses. Through our highly effective morale team, service-oriented, customer-focused transportation team, plus sufficient warehousing, we ensure that our customers receive supplement at any time. Yong Guan's J.E.T (Accurate Production Time) approach ensures that customers always get the freshest ingredients. Let customers use and eat peace of mind and happily. We hope to help our customers be more adept at expressing their cooking: Yong Guan Sauce will always add a "truthful, good, beautiful" color to your delicate dishes.
    永源酱料食品(马)有限公司,结合本地传说口味和生活习惯来制造为前提,我们的使命是用“心”经营,经营的理念是“诚心”,“爱心”,“责任心”予以贯穿, 提供百分之百品质保证的产品,是对消费者,商家“诚心”的表示。通過我們有效力士气高昂的团队, 服务为主, 以客为尊的运输队, 加上充足仓储, 确保顾客随时都能得到最快的补充。永源的J.E.T(英文——准确生产时间)方式,确保顾客永远获得最新鲜的配料。让顾客使用安心,吃的开心。我们希望能帮助我们的顾客更善于表现他们的烹饪:永源酱料永远为你的精美菜肴增添“真,善,美”的色彩。

    Yong Guan Core Value


    Core Supply 核心供应

      Our core business is supply: soy sauce, white vinegar, black soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, tomato sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, sour plum sauce, Thai sauce and pepper.  

    Variety Tastes 多元口味

      Adopts a consumer-oriented strategy in marketing, providing customers with comprehensive services, diversifying their tastes and satisfying consumers' various food requirements.  

    Healthy Taste 健康味道

      Our business policy is to provide you with the most exquisite and appetizing foods with excellent and a variety of sauces and seasonings, so that you can eat healthy and have a good taste.